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Gilda M. Taylor Tzan Alexander
Ministry Founder Ministry Coordinator

The mission of You Are Not Alone Ministries (YANA) is to encourage, pray for, mentor,
and teach those who are seeking to understand and to fulfill the will of God in their lives.

Salvation Prayer

There comes a time in the life of every Christian, when they are so aware of their unworthiness before God that they are drawn to humble themselves at the foot of Christ�s cross and ask for Him to be their Savior and LORD. Such a request is a cry for salvation and eternal life through the power and love of God! It is a declaration of belief in the love and power of God and a commitment to live under the command of the Savior, Jesus Christ. The prayer that follows is one such heart cry. Please feel free to use it or to speak your own words to the LORD of All so that you may join the family of God for all eternity!

O Most Holy God, I come before You this day, seeking Your mercy and forgiveness for eternal life! You have shown me how much I need a Savior! My heart and my mind long to embrace You and to know Your truth! These things are available to me because Your Son, Jesus, died on the cross for me. I do believe that Jesus is God, Your Son; that He died for my sins and rose from the dead, showing Your power over sin and death! I ask Your forgiveness for my sins - past, present and to come - because of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross! I recognize Him as my LORD and Savior, and commit my life to His keeping! I am no longer my own but am His servant forevermore through the power of Your Holy Spirit! Take me as Your own, dear God, from this day forward! Amen!


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