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YANA Statement of Faith

You Are Not Alone Ministries is based on certain beliefs as essentials within the Christian faith. These beliefs include the following convictions: 
bulletThe Bible is Godís written revelation to man. It is absolutely inerrant and was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. It is Godís message to mankind which details how men are to live as followers of Christ.
bulletSalvation is a gift of God to mankind given by grace and grace alone through faith in the sacrificial, atoning work of Jesus Christ, Godís one and only Son.
bulletThere is only one living and true God Who exists in three Persons Ė Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each Person of God deserves worship and obedience.
bulletMankind is by nature and deed, sinful, thus separated from God and in need of forgiveness and eternal restoration.
bulletBaptism is manís obedient response to Godís salvation through Christ. Baptism is not a condition of salvation and does not assure mankind of eternal life.
bulletSaints or believers are all Christians, whom upon their personal belief in Christ, are granted individual priesthood before God.
bulletHeaven is a real place where God is present and where Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father.
bulletHell is a real place of everlasting punishment where all men will go who do not accept the salvation available to them through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Satan and his minions will reside in hell for eternity.
bulletSatan, or the Devil, is a real spiritual being, and his servants, demons, are great adversaries of Christianity and all who call themselves believers. However, through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Satan is now and forever a defeated foe.

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