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You Are Not Alone Ministries (YANA) seeks to fill lives with Christís presence by encouraging,
supporting, and equipping others to live out their God-given potential.

Minister Teacher and Speaker Mentor Prayer Mailing List


As an Ordained Minister, Gilda Taylor has the authority to preach and teach in churches and organizations and/or social groups, start a Christian school, perform marriages, baptize individuals, officiate funerals, become a missionary here or overseas, have a prison ministry and much more.

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Teacher and Speaker

Mrs. Taylor has written several bible studies which she taught as part of her job duties at Star of Hope Women and Family Shelter. She wrote and taught a quarterly workshop on Communication Skills for Family Outreach from 1995-2002 and then taught the workshop at Star of Hope to all staff in February 2003. She has been a retreat leader and conference speaker at several local churches, and has led a First Place Christian weight management class as part of YANA Ministries.

 Please contact Mrs. Taylor if you are in need of any of the following:


a retreat leader


a conference speaker


a Bible study or workshop teacher

Mrs. Taylor is also available to teach the following topics at your church or for your organization, in several different formats, according to your needs. If you are interested, please contact us.


"Being a Virtuous Woman!"


"Making God Number One!"


"Calling all Teens!"


Be a Woman With a Teachable Spirit


See and Respond to God in Your Adversity


Living the Virtuous Life: My road trip to heaven


When I Was A Child, I Spoke as a Child


If You Donít Know Your Enemy, He Will Overtake You


Redeeming Failure


Life Lessons From Women In The Bible


The Mind Of Christ

To read all about Mrs. Taylor's testimony and background, go to our Beginnings page. To view Mrs. Taylor's upcoming schedule check out our Events Calendar.

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Mrs. Taylor has been an online mentor for Christian Women Today since 2003. To read all about Mrs. Taylor's testimony and background, go to our Beginnings page. Mentoring sessions are available online, over the phone or in person, in group settings as well as private, one on one sessions on the topic of your choice. Please contact Mrs. Taylor if you are interested in her becoming your mentor or a mentor for someone you know.

The following is one person's testimony regarding the one on one mentoring session she recently had with Mrs. Taylor at Pilgrim's Rest Retreat Center.

"What an appropriate name for a place for weary believers.

During a time of unrest in my life the Lord provided an awesome opportunity for me to join Him in a place where I found peace.

I cannot explain in human words what the Lord did by bringing me to a little cottage in a quiet country area.  From the moment we drove in, I knew this place was special.  I knew this is where separation from the busyness of life and serenity with Him could be found. I could not wait to sit in a swing under a large oak tree near a pond, watching his beautiful creations while He spoke to the deepest part of me where no man can enter.  The Lord just provided everything from a deck to a fishing pole, to a tackle box and row boat for those who would enjoy listening to the quiet sounds of his creation in the middle of the water.  I had the chance to walk under the many shaded trees on the ground and even sit on the back porch looking at an old rugged cross which reminded me of the pain and suffering He endured for me.  Why was I worth it to Him?

On a far side of the property there is also a grave marking called "the old manĒ reminding me to die to my old self and remember the new creature He has made me to be.

The cottage itself is filled with reminders of His love for us, from the comfortable sofa bed to the desk and chair with many kinds of Christian literature waiting to be read.  There is a CD player for Christian music to fill the room with praise and worship music.  I was even taken aback by the sunken tub that I filled with the softest well water I ever felt.

Truly Pilgrim's Rest is just like the name says! And how wonderful to have the chance to listen to His teachings brought to me by one of His precious servants, whom with much patience and much love showed me what I have struggled to understand and am still trying to understand - that God SO LOVES all His creation and until we reach heaven, we will never know just how much! Gilda Taylor is one of the most prolific teachers and ministers to women I have ever met. I know she has been anointed by the Lord to bring a message to hurting women like myself because I have experienced first hand the gift of teaching He has birthed in her.  Without a doubt, I would return to Pilgrim's Rest under the mentorship portion of YANA Ministries!  Until you have been a part of this dynamic ministry, words cannot explain how sweet it is!

Thank you Gilda for letting the Lord use you and for being in my life.



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Mrs. Taylor is available to receive prayer requests, pray with you, or pray for others. To read all about Mrs. Taylor's testimony and background, go to our Beginnings page. Please contact Mrs. Taylor if you are interested in her praying for you or for someone you know.

If you would like your prayer request listed on the YANA Ministries website so others may also pray for you, please go to our Prayer Garden.

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